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Club Match 1 (George Steel)
This was the first round of the club championship and was held on sections 6 & 7. The river was low and clear but plenty of fish could be seen. 1st was I Liddell wit 16lb 8oz. Ian has caught 6 big chub on the pole on worm and a few small perch. 2nd went to A Hyde with 13lb 6oz. Alex has caught lots of bleak and two chub on the pole with maggots. 3rd on the day was D Edgell with 11lb 12oz. Darren caught lots of dace on the stickfloat using maggots.
Also during the match lots of small barbel was caught to 8oz plus a number of bigger fish were seen throughout the sections.
1st I Liddell 16lb 8oz
2nd A Hyde 13lb 6oz
3rd D Edgell 11lb 12oz
4th T Davis 11lb 10oz
5th M Gale 9lb 10oz
6th J Bohane 9lb 8oz
Golden peg £18

Club Match 2 (Presidents Cup)
There was another good showing of anglers for the afternoon match on the river. The river looked good with a small bit of colour but still little flow. 1st on the day was both T Davis and S Palmer with 16lb 4oz. Tim has caught small chub and skimmers on the pole with maggot. Steve has caught all roach on the pole using hemp. 3rd on the day went to G Etheridge with 14lb 14oz. Gary has also caught roach using hemp and tares on the waggler.
= 1st T Davis & S Palmer 16lb 4oz pegs 48, 29
3rd G Etheridge 14lb 14oz peg 50
4th L Wooldridge 13lb 7oz peg 22
5th J Bohane 12lb 10oz peg 30
6th A Hyde 10lb 13oz peg 14
Golden peg £79

Club Match 3
This was the next round of the club championship held on sections 6 and 7. The river was very low and clear but still plenty of fish were around. 1st was G Dodson with 32lb 1oz. Gary has caught lots of chub on the pole with sweetcorn. He has also had a couple of small barbel. 2nd went to S Palmer with 13lb 2oz. Steve has caught lots of small fish on the whip with maggots. 3rd on the afternoon was G Etheridge with 10lb. Gary caught small chub on the pole with tares.
1st G Dodson 32lb 1oz
2nd S Palmer 13lb 2oz
3rd G Etheridge 10lb
4th N Lofy 9lb 6oz
5th L Wooldridge 8lb 1oz
6th I Liddell 7lb 6oz
Golden peg now £98

Club Match 4
This was the first club match fished on the lower section this season. The river was very clear and had plenty of leaves falling into it. The river fished quite hard but most caught as few fish. 1st went to C Gittins with 15lb 9oz. Colin has caught nice size roach and perch on the pole close in with caster. 2nd was I Liddell with 8lb. Ian has caught lots of perch on worm at the start on the match then a few small roach. 3rd on the day was T Scott with 7lb 6oz. Tony has caught all roach on the long pole with maggots.
1st C Gittins 15lb 9oz peg 85
2nd I Liddell 8lb peg 67
3rd T Scott 7lb 6oz peg 87
4th N Smith 7lb 2oz peg 76
5th S Palmer 4lb 4oz peg 68
6th M Dolman 3lb 12oz peg 75
Golden peg now £117

Club Match 5
1st N Gilbert 20lb 5oz
2nd M Dolman 14lb 14oz
3rd S Palmer 12lb 4oz
4th K Williams 11lb
5th A Hyde 7lb 7oz
6th D Edgell 7lb 2oz

Club Match 6
1st J Bohane 32lb 12oz
2nd K Williams 16lb 6oz
3rd I Liddell 12lb 15oz

Club Match 7
The last match of the series and there was a good number of anglers fishing. The river was clear and the weather was cold but stil a few fish were caught. 1st went to A Hyde with 13lb 7oz. Alex has caught 2 big chud and roach using the waggler with maggot. 2nd was D Edgell with 12lb 11oz. Darren caught big perch and a bream on the feeder. 3rd went to P Philps with 10lb 3oz. Pete has also caught big perch but this time on the pole with worm.
1st A Hyde 13lb 7oz peg 71
2nd D Edgell 12lb 11oz peg 90
3rd P Philps 10lb 3oz peg 50

club champion I Liddell 101pts, A Hyde 96pts, SPalmer 94pts