Fish Records - Burbrook Lake

As of 16th June 2005, Chippenham Angling Club will be keeping records of the heaviest fish of a particular species that has been caught on any of our Club Waters.

The heaviest fish records are based on fish caught in Chippenham Angling Club waters by current members of the club only. All fish must have been caught by fair angling methods as permitted by the particular water (see rules).

All weights recorded within this record sheet have been verified by the correct submission of "Claim Form" which is available in either Microsoft Word (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat format(s) to complete and submit to either Premier Angling, Club Secretary or by email to

Please include any Photographs you wish to send to be included on our web site which will be added to a seperate page accessed though a clickable link.

Species Weight Location Angler Date
Bream 4-3-0 Burbrook Alex Hyde Jun 2016
Carp 13-11-0 Burbrook Kevin Williams May 2015
Chub - - - -
Crucian Carp 1-8-0 Burbrook Kevin Williams Wed 1 Sep 2010
Perch 2lb 14oz Burbrook B Bellingham Feb 2019
Rudd Rudd

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